luxury house builders gold coast

Luxury Home Builders Gold Coast

Queensland’s Gold Coast is well known for its beaches, holiday activities and lifestyle. The region is scattered with numerous suburbs, some beachside, regional and suburban locations.

Some suburbs are well known for their luxury homes. Homeowners establish themselves in these locations for the surroundings and ability to build and own a luxury-styled home. Well known areas include BroadbeachBroadbeach Waters, Clear Island Waters, Palm BeachMiami, and Mermaid Waters to name a few.

The team from Nikal are known for having the best luxury home building process on the Gold Coast. With more than 30 years of experience in designing and constructing luxury homes on the Gold Coast. We work with Architects and a team of construction professionals to create the home of your dreams.

Our Building Process

Nikal follows a 7 Step Building Process that ensures the entire building project is managed from start to finish and after completion.

  1. Meet and Greet

The team from Nikal will meet with you to discuss your budget and understand your wishes on the design of the home.

We will explain the building process to you and the stages of the project for your peace of mind.

  1. Site Inspection

We will carry out an on-site inspection of the property to assess the characteristics of the land including slope/gradient, views, and construction planning requirements.

  1. Design

We will commence the design process of the build in line with your wishes. We can work with an Architect to produce the design plans for the build to meet your expectations.

We can then provide the planning documents to you and discuss the next stage of the building process. This will include a ‘ballpark’ figure of the costs for your consideration.

  1. Pricing Quote

Building and or renovating a home is a big investment in time and money, we take this step very seriously.

We will provide an accurate and clear quote to complete the build. This can be reviewed at this stage to stay within your budget and changes made to do so.

  1. Agreement to Proceed

Once we’ve all agreed on the costings we can move to sign the agreement and contract to build.

We then book and schedule the building stages and arrange construction materials for delivery and tradesmen to complete the works.

  1. Building Commencement

Construction will commence at this stage in the process. We will also arrange regular on-site visits so you can monitor the progress and discuss any changes that may be required.

All changes will be assessed for viability and incorporated where possible to do so.

  1. Moving In And Handover

Prior to handing over the keys, we will complete a full assessment inspection of the home to ensure it is defect free.

We then schedule another inspection 30 days after the handover and another 12 months from handover. This allows time for all seasons to occur so we can check for any changes from heat and cold over time. This is our final tick of approval.

You can download the free guide on the process here for your records.

Build a Luxury Home On The Gold Coast

If you want the best luxury home builders Gold Coast to build your home, contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

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