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If you’ve outgrown your dream home, Nikal Construction can renovate, improve or extend your home so that it continues to reflect your evolving lifestyle and trend preferences. We specialise in large-scale luxury homes renovations on the Gold Coast for residents who want to breathe new life into their living space. From major extensions and adding levels to a complete knockdown and rebuild, our highly experienced team can work closely with you to transform your current home into a custom masterpiece that exudes opulence while meeting your needs for space, function and style.

We are skilled in renovating and extending all types of high-end homes, including:

  •     Lavish high-rise apartments
  •     Mansions
  •     Townhouses
  •     Villas 
  •     Split-level homes
  •     Homes on sloping blocks
  •     Waterfront homes and more
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Luxury House Renovations On The Gold Coast

We can overhaul your entire luxury home and give it the makeover it needs to stand out in any affluent suburb on the Gold Coast or Brisbane. From updating kitchens to reflect the latest design to remodelling bathrooms, expanding utility rooms and creating spacious open-plan living rooms that make your home look and feel bigger – these are just some of the rooms that can be included in a major home renovation project.

 Is your home built on a sloping block? No problem. Nikal Construction are experts in sloping block renovations as well as split level homes and can achieve any reno goals you have your heart set on – no matter how big or complex your needs.

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Luxury House Extensions on the Gold Coast

If your home is starting to feel a little too small to accommodate your lifestyle, we can help you to add the extensions you need. Upsizing is a much cheaper option in the long run compared to purchasing a bigger house or renting more space. We can build underneath, add extra levels to your home and double or triple the floor space so that you and your family have the home you need for years to come. 

This is a great option for those who have recently purchased an older-style Gold Coast home. Instead of knocking it all down, we can expand upon the original design so that you have a luxury abode that is unique and comfortable.

We Make Your Dream Home Bigger And Better

With over 30 years’ experience as a luxury renovation builder who designs, builds and renovates multi-million dollar homes on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, Nikal Construction are the right team for your big project. We have the skills, equipment and high-quality materials needed to improve your home with custom renovations tailored to your needs and preferences. We can also build luxury homes from scratch on empty blocks, including sloping blocks

Take a look at our Projects Gallery to view our excellent track record. Our qualified and licensed team will arrive at your residence and perform an assessment and evaluation that will determine the cost of the renovation – this is 100% free. We’ll consider all factors, including extent of the project, geography, materials, timeline and your budget.

For luxury homes renovation on the Gold Coast you can count on, call our friendly experts today for a competitive quote and let’s get started.

General FAQ's

Generally people will look to renovating their home for a number of reasons.

First, they may be tired of their environment over many years, the style, look and feel and want to refresh and make a change.

Next, they may need to alter the home for different functionality. A new bedroom for children, better bathroom layout or kitchen layout.

Renovations are a worthwhile undertaking that improves your lifestyle and potential resale value over time.

We meet with our clients to discuss their needs and desires for the renovation. This allows us to understand your goals, what you want to achieve and plan how to complete the work.

We will discuss materials to be used, tiles, flooring and the like to keep within your budget. Once we have this in place, we will commence the work.

The most popular types of renovations clients tend to do are kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor living spaces. Other types of renovations include converting a garage into a bedroom or living room and open plan living spaces. These renovations typically add a lot of value to a home. 

We specialise in major renovations and extensions which may include a number of different areas of the home.

Home extensions are classed as renovations as we are making changes to the existing home design and structure.

These types of renovations may be a larger scale project but, are managed in a similar way. We will plan a home extension with you to ensure we meet your budget, needs and desires for the new space.

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