No it won’t. Once we’ve established and agreed on the build and the materials to be used, we will clearly detail this with you. Once done this we will not change the pricing at all, it’s locked in.

All builders in Queensland are required to be registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission before they can start building homes.

Before signing a contract to build, you can ask your builder to provide their licence details or look the builder up on the QBCC website here.

We certainly can. We have a range of excellent options that we have developed over time. During our initial meetings, we can show you the options and work with you to create your new home and meet your expectations.

You can access the site no problem. If we are conducting building tasks at the time, we may ask you to stay clear of that area for your safety. Just let us know when you’d like to come by so we can be there for you.

A custom home builder has the expertise and experience to build a luxury custom home over standard plan homes.

We understand what is required to build this type of home, design and engineering requirements and materials that can be used. We have the skills to complete these types of jobs effectively.

Yes you can. We specialise in building homes on a sloped block of land and maintain the views from the block.

These types of builds require more planning and expertise to construct a home on this type of land. We can handle the engineering and analysis tasks to prepare the site for the build of your new home.

We have a range of examples of past work we’ve done, ask us for more information today.