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Are You Worried That Your Difficult or Sloping Block Could Be A Problem And Blow The Budget?

Have you found land in the perfect location in either Brisbane or the Gold Coast for building your dream home, but its only quirk is it rests on a slope? If so, no problem. We can help you achieve your vision of building your dream home, even on sloped land! This is our area of expertise. Nikal Construction are specialised high-end sloping block builders with over 30 years experience.

We have the necessary skills and experience to transform any hillside or sloped land into a home you’ll absolutely love.

Generally speaking, plots on sloping sites are more affordable than those on flat land since they require more creativity to build on. Plots on sloping land also present unique challenges such as potential ground water issues, substantial earthworks required to level the slope or reduce its gradient, potential soil drainage issues, and other building considerations.

Our team of experts can enable you to get your dream home efficiently at a reasonable cost.

This is what we strive and deliver to all our customers seeking to have their dream home built on a sloping block.

Benefits of Building on Sloping Land

Costs aside, slopes can be a great location for a home. In the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, the rewards are definitely worth the investment.

Here are a few benefits:

(a) Enhanced natural ventilation

More often than not, sloped areas tend to be close to forests or a collection of trees and other vegetation. This enhances the supply of fresh air your home receives. Since the Queensland region is often characterised by a hot and wet climate for the most part of the year, this can mean lower energy costs due to less reliance on artificial cooling systems.

(b) Natural Lighting

Hilly or sloped blocks ensure homes are well positioned to maximise sunlight far better than homes built on regular terrain. Sunlight possesses a host of benefits such as boosting the immune system, increasing endorphin production, and even boosts blood circulation. In the absence of sunlight natural light acts as a great substitute.

(c) Magnificent views

You can enjoy uninterrupted views for miles if your home is on a raised sloped block. If on a hill, you’ll be constantly bombarded with stunning views of clear skies above, as well as scenic landscapes, valleys, or trees below and around you.

(d) Exclusivity

Do you prefer your dream home to be away from urban town centers or in a place where you can enjoy premium privacy and a serene environment? You can easily find such blocks to build on around sloped or steep land.

(e) Adds character to the home.

Since it is generally costly to maximise horizontal space for a home on a sloped block due to inflated excavation, levelling, and reinforcement costs, the design, building, and expansion are usually done vertically. Depending on the gradient of the slope, and the experience of the builders, the home can be made to have a distinguishing glamorous look that complements the sloped land and the environs.

Sloping Block Assessment, Evaluation & Quote

Once you reach out to us, our highly specialised team of experts will travel to your sloping block to evaluate and assess the property and give you a quote. All our on-site quotes are absolutely free!

The quote will depend on a variety of factors. The primary ones include:

(a) Gradient rating

10% incline is a shallow slope and much easier to build upon. 11-20% is intermediate while above 20% is steep. The higher the gradient the more expensive the project. This is because excavation and reinforcement for the foundation has to be deeper and more thorough to support the structure.

We strive to ensure our clients get the best result possible.

(b) Drainage & sewage

Drainage has to be considered for both sub-surface and surface water. This includes preventing the pooling of rainwater that might cause mudslides and other potential foundation problems. The distance to the nearest sewage line is also factor. Depending on the proximity, the house may require a pump or a tumble bay. 

(c) Accessibility

Property that is not easily accessible may restrict transportation of building materials which will require creativity to work around.

(d) Flora and Fauna

This basically refers to vegetation that grows in the block area. Certain plants and vegetation that flourish and form deep roots in slopes must be removed to safeguard the foundation’s integrity.

Why Choose Us?

A few reasons why you should hire us:

(a) Highly Qualified Professionals

All our team members are vetted, highly trained and accredited professionals. We only hire the best so you can get the best.

(b) Diverse experience

With over 30 years of experience under our belt, we have tackled numerous challenging residential projects on sloping blocks. No matter how difficult your project may seem you can rest assured you’re in very capable hands.

(c) Excellent portfolio

Flip through our collection of past projects on our website to get a feel of our work. We continue to create high-quality custom homes for all clients that are beyond satisfactory. 

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You can click here to view a recent Burleigh Heads narrow sloping block home renovation.

General FAQ's

Yes you can. An experienced sloping block builder will know how to do this and create a stunning home in a good location. Your builder will guide you on what is required to complete the job and maximise the location.

Your builder will assess the block to understand the characteristics of the blocks grounds. This includes rating the gradient, fall of the land, drainage, soil testing and accessibility. Once this has been established and approved, the building works can commence.

A sloping block will typically provide you with beautiful uninterrupted views from your home. Often homes are built overlooking the ocean, bush lands creating the perfect place to live with fresh air and a peaceful environment.

It does cost more to build on a sloping block compared to a flat block. This is because of the additional work required in assessing and preparing the site to build on. The land will need to be excavated and secured for a solid foundation for the construction and drainage system for the home. The benefits outweigh the additional costs in the long term

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