Split Level Homes Gold Coast

If you have purchased a sloping block piece of land, a split level home is the best and most cost-effective option to build.

There are many advantages to this style of the home however some important considerations must be assessed before building commences.

The Team at Nikal has more than 30 years of experience building on sloping blocks and constructing luxury homes on the Gold Coast.

Pre Construction Assessment

As part of our building process, we will first conduct a thorough inspection of the building site and land.

This will provide us with important information on the gradient of the land, soil integrity and what is required to build the home. This will form part of the design process with your Architect in terms of the structure, footings and materials to be used.

The time required to dig into the slope of the land and the cost can be more expensive. Digging into the slope, removing rock and fitting drainage and driveways can be expensive based on the amount of work required. But the advantages far outway the cost for long term living in the home.

Councils are often particular about designs marrying in with the natural lay of the land. They will want to incorporate items such as cut and fill restrictions, driveway grade and building height regulations, drainage and retaining walls.

All of this will be taken into consideration when designing the home and landscaping.

The benefits of a split level home

Maximise space

A split level home will allow you to take advantage of all the available space on the land. You can build a multistory home for better views and a garage that is under the home, cut into the land. This can provide more storage options inside the home.

Unique design specifications

When building on a slope, you can design a home that fits the contour of the land and surroundings. This can include materials used for the walls, roof and layout of the home.

You may choose to have all bedrooms upstairs to maximise the views with living and storage downstairs.


Beautiful views are one of the main draw cards when building a split level home. As mentioned, you can design the home so your day to day living can see the surrounding views of the area.

Homes constructed near to the ocean and bushland often utilise this type of design, giving more value to the home for future resale value.

Adding balconies to the design can also provide a better experience for homeowners for outside living and/or entertainment.

Other Considerations

There are other considerations to understand for this type of build. This includes drainage around the home, driveways, gardens and landscaping, access to the home from the street.

Your builder will be able to explain this to you in the design process to ensure everything is done to budget and your likes.

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