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How to build a home on a sloping block

Building on a sloping block is not impossible or outrageously expensive. When you find a block in an area you like that has wonderful views and surroundings, it’s hard to ignore it.

How to choose the right block of land

There are a number of considerations when planning to build on a sloping block. How steep the fall is on the block will dictate how much will be cut into the land and filled to create a flat base to build on.

Cutting will also depend upon the soil composition and the presence of rock. The team from Nikal will complete a full site inspection of the property to assess this at the beginning of the building process. In addition, planning needs to include drainage for the home.

If it is not possible to pour a slab on the ground, a split level home will be recommended or the use of stilts. This will reduce the impact to the ground. The depth of the cut and construction can make it more expensive to build with the extra work required. Your builder will discuss this with you and look at other ways to save money on the build.

Access to the site for vehicles and pedestrians also needs to be factored in. This will include paths, driveway and other entry points.

Retaining walls are also often used on sites like these and may be made from steel or concrete.

What are the types of sloping blocks?

The three (3) main types of sloping blocks are one that slopes up from the road and one that slopes down from the road and another that slopes side to side.

Sloping up will generally require a split level home. This may be built on two (2) slabs or some stilts. These homes give the appearance of a two-storey home from the street.

Sloping down will typically use stilts to hold the home in place. This can be a more expensive option with considerations given to stairs, decks, and drainage requirements.

Side sloped blocks can also exist on a mountain side. These blocks will require a thorough inspection to understand what is required to build on the land.

What are the benefits of building on a sloping block?

The Views you will have from your home is probably high on the list. You may have views of the ocean, bushland that provide a peaceful place to live.

Natural light can also be an advantage and help with temperature control inside the home. Natural ventilation from the local environment can also provide a more comfortable living environment. 

Exclusivity of the home can also be a major factor with these builds. Having beautiful views and being in a sought after location can add a significant amount to the value and resale of the home.

Sloping block house designs

Nikal will assist you in the design of the new home on these types of blocks based on our inspection. We will work with you to create the home of your dreams for many years to come.

For more information on sloping block building, contact us today.

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