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When building your new dream home, you’ll need to decide whether you will hire a custom builder to design everything from scratch or use a pre-designed project home with packaged inclusions.

While a project home is a great option for some people, a custom designed home will give you the creative freedom to have a house built entirely to your specific needs and vision. This will take into account your land, budget and individual preferences to deliver a home that truly represents you and your lifestyle.

Here are just 5 of the major benefits you can enjoy when choosing custom home designs:


Customised Design

From the number of bathrooms and the size of the kitchen to the finer interior design details, such as floor finishes, wall colours, appliances and lighting – you’ll be in the driver’s seat and can tailor your ideal home to your exact wants and needs. Whether you want a music room, ocean view, an expansive walk-in wardrobe or a dedicated space for collectibles, with a custom home you can have it all.

This is also great as it enables you to design a unique structure that captures your individuality and will stand out from the other homes on the block.


Quality First

When you work with a custom home builder, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality materials and products by the best brands in the business. Both the suppliers and tradespeople working on the project will be exceptionally qualified and use the most advanced equipment and methods to get your home built safely and efficiently.


Budget Control

Since you’re in control of the overall project, you get to decide how much money you’re willing to spend on each stage of the process. The custom builder will work within your limitations to design and install every feature and finish to suit your budget and make sure you get the best results possible.


More Flexibility

With a pre-designed home, it may not be possible to add or remove features without you needing to compromise on something you really want or need. A customised home will let you tailor every part of the floor plan. If you love to entertain, build a huge alfresco dining area for your friends and family. If you decide you need an extra bedroom for guests, let your custom builder know and they’ll work with you to make it happen. The power is in your hands!


Open Communication

From budget restraints to time frame issues and anything in between – a custom building company will maintain regular contact with you every step of the way so you can solve any problems that may arise and discuss every aspect of building your dream home. This can include both on-site meetings and progress updates to keep you in the loop.

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Let Nikal Constructions Build Your Dream Home

Nikal Constructions has over 30 years’ experience as a custom builder on the Gold Coast building high-end custom and luxury homes of all types. We can bring your vision to life and create a masterpiece you’ll be proud to live in for many years. Call us to receive a competitive quote and take the first step towards turning your dreams into a reality.

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