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Kitchen Renovations 2020

Kitchen Renovations are one of the most popular style of renovations. Choosing a new kitchen design can involve hours of research. Speaking with your home builders gold coast can put you on the right path and save you dozens of hours and money.

The kitchen is known as the center of the home. It’s a place to prepare meals and spend time together. Over the years, a kitchen will see a lot of use and traffic and start to become worn and may need repairs.

Making the decision to replace the kitchen will involve some careful planning and design work to ensure you create the right kitchen for your needs over any years to come.

Kitchen Designs

You can go online and find plenty of options by kitchen installers, builders and DIY options. There are some helpful tools online that you can use to design the kitchen and create a visual plan. It’s important to work to a budget when designing a kitchen as it can quickly become very expensive depending on the materials used and trade services required.

As mentioned, there are many options to consider. You can speak with a kitchen design company that focuses on designing and installing kitchens in your area. They have the experience and know-how to design a kitchen to fit your home with the functions you need.

Prefabricated options like Kaboodle are good if you’re on a budget. But the prices can still get up there depending on the finish you chose, the fittings and benchtop. A cabinet maker will typically produce a better and longer lasting result. There are a choice of finishes from two-pack through to polymer finishes and natural timbers for doors and drawer faces.

It’s important to consider the option of a benchtop for the kitchen. This is a main feature in the kitchen so it’s important to look at the options and choose something you will be happy with for many years.

Stone benchtops are very popular. They have a range of different looks and textures. These benchtops are typically quite expensive based on the material and installation but they look amazing.

There are now engineered stone bench tops available that are a mixture of stone and resin binding materials. These are an excellent alternative to a full stone benchtop.

Other options include timber benchtops and laminate benchtops. These are also affordable choices for your kitchen.

You can also speak to an experienced builder who can help you engineer, design and complete kitchen renovations that will work in your current home layout. Your builder can assist with the plans and arrange fabrication of the kitchen cupboards, drawers and fittings from a trusted manufacturer. They can then install the kitchen for you and help arrange other trades to complete the work. You can check the builders license and qualifications on the QBCC website.

Preparing for your new kitchen

The first thing to discuss with your builder is removal of the old kitchen. You may wish to demolish it or sell it. A builder can help with removal.

If you’re confident and able to do some tasks yourself, then go right ahead safely, wearing PPE (mask, goggles, gloves).

Once the old kitchen has been removed, now is the time to bring in your Electrician and Plumber.

If the oven and cooktop are being moved, you will need them to make changes to the wiring and plumbing if that is to be in a new position. Electrical work should always be handled by a licensed electrician to avoid serious injuries.

The same goes for plumbing. If the sink will be moving or changing, the Plumber will need to adjust the waste pipe, tap fittings and dishwasher tap. The Electrician will also need to connect a power outlet for the dishwasher under the sink area.


Removing tiles. You can pay your builder or DIY this task. There may be some wall repairs to do after this, filling with gyprock to patch gaps and make a smooth wall.

Flooring may also need to be removed. You may have tiles or floor boards. Tiles will require more muscle to remove using a jackhammer style of tool. Floor boards can be removed by removing the skirting board and working your way inward unclicking the boards.


If you need help with any of this, speak with your builder.

Installation of the kitchen

Your builder will work with you to install the kitchen and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. With all the preparation work done, the cabinetry can be installed and fitted with the electrical and plumbing work done.

If you choose a stone bench top, this may take a little longer as it will need to be cut to install the sink and tap fittings off site.

Your new kitchen

The outcome of kitchen renovations will be a beautiful part of your home to make meals and spend time together. In addition, kitchen renovations can add significant value to a home.

If you would like to discuss kitchen renovations, contact the team at Nikal for a free consultation.

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