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Do you have a longing to build a luxury home on the Gold Coast?

Whether you need a villa, manor, multi-family establishment or mansion, the Nikal Construction team can make your dream come true.

We are highly experienced luxury home builders on the Gold Coast with over 30 years’ experience building elite homes in the Gold Coast region.

Characteristics of Luxury Homes

A luxury home design is mainly defined by three aspects: the quality of materials used, the interior design, and an overall distinguished architecture.

At Nikal Construction, we always focus on these three core areas to ensure you get a home you’ll adore for years.

One way we accomplish this is by obsessing over details. We understand that the small things determine whether your home will simply look “good” or great.

When you hire us expect to see your luxury home design come to life exactly the way you envisioned it. We go to great lengths to develop scintillating designs, obtain high quality materials, and create stunning interiors. Our goal is to ensure you obtain maximum value for your money as well as lifelong satisfaction.

No home is too big or too complex for us. Our highly experienced team will meet all your construction needs regardless of your preferred home plan, accompanying facilities, or lifestyle that you wish your home to embody.

Click here to read our top tips on how to find a luxury home builder on the Gold Coast or get in touch with us to kick-start the process of realising your dream home.

Our Process

Ready to begin construction on your new luxury home?

Reach out to our team and we’ll schedule a free one-on-one consultation with you to learn more about your requirements. Part of our session involves traveling to your chosen block of land and carrying out assessment in order to provide a reasonable quote and project duration.

Some of the key factors we consider in our assessment include:


This is a key factor because it determines the ease of transporting building materials to the site. Blocks of land in obscure, hard to access areas e.g. areas characterised by rocky terrain, can rack up the building cost since special equipment and labour may be required. The same applies if the slope of the land is steep.

Government Approvals

Some land may require obtaining special permits from the local authorities or government. We will advise you accordingly before commencing on your construction project. Failure to abide by set rules and regulations may result in fines and delays which could raise the building costs significantly.

Home Specifications

What height, shape, and size do you want your home to have? What special characteristics would you like it to bear? This will help us determine the nature of materials to use and the corresponding amount and thus help us determine a suitable budget.

Expected Completion Time

We’ll assess the weather, surroundings, take into account the scope of the project, among other factors, to provide a realistic completion period. We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive building program so you can better understand our planning and even possibly chip in with suggestions. We don’t just work for you, we also work with you. We’re fully licensed with QBCC.

Each home comes with unique specifications and requirements. Get in touch with our experts to learn about the different considerations and cost factors for your dream home.

Other Reasons Why Nikal Construction is Your Best Choice

30+ Years’ Experience

Our vast experience works in your favour by ensuring faster home completion due to our immense familiarisation with modern waterfront home designs and building a wide variety of luxurious and exotic homes. Likewise, you are guaranteed a clone residence that matches any agreed upon architectural designs.

In addition, our three decades of experience enables us to build all sorts of luxury homes on different sloping terrain at a price that’s cost-effective to you.

Got a sloping block? Get in touch with us today for more information on how Nikal builders can transform it into the home of your dreams.


We are always respectful, courteous and friendly to all our clients. We believe a positive attitude towards our clients and employees is crucial in client satisfaction and cultivates a friendly environment for our employees that fosters unity and enhances productivity.


We don’t just provide architecture designs and construction services. We also provide interior design, and renovations. We provide discounted rates and offers for our repeat clients seeking renovation and/or interior design services.

Highly Innovative Solutions Based on Your Budget

Would you like a fancy luxury home but lack the finances to splurge? Depending on your budget we can advise you on the best designs and home models that will deliver the core aspects you seek. Whichever luxury home you desire we can build it for you.

Please contact us to schedule a free one-on-one session and learn more.

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