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Are You Worried That Your Difficult or Sloping Block On The Gold Coast Could Be A Problem And Blow The Budget?

Do you fancy a home with a spectacular view overlooking a valley? Or maybe you prefer having a pleasant outlook over a park and trees? Whatever scenic view you want to enjoy, building your dream home on a sloping block is the best way to get it.

It takes a special crop of builders to construct a highly stable and stunning luxury home on a sloping block. This is because sloping land presents a unique set of challenges that are absent when building on regular flat land. These challenges can potentially cause problems later on if not well addressed. For example, depending on the gradient of the slope, the home may be swept away by a mudslide if the foundation is not well reinforced.

When building your luxury home on a slope you need assurance that you’ll get the exact home you envisioned, plus an assurance that your lavish home will be safe to inhabit, and that it will not be under threat by nature.

We can provide these assurances

At Nikal Construction we specialise in building luxury homes on sloping blocks. Our experience spans over 30 years. During this time, we have built numerous elite residential establishments for Gold Coast residents. In the same period, we have successfully tackled a wide variety of sloping block projects delivering above satisfactory results for our clients. We’re QBCC and Master Builders QLD licensed and certified.

All our sloping block homes are built on extensive foundations thus guaranteeing maximum stability. Our building goal is always to make the home a part of the slope. This makes the structure super resilient against mudslides, and any other acts of nature.

Types of Luxury Homes

We build luxury homes of all types on slopes. This includes, but is not limited to, houses manors and mansions.

If you don’t have a specific home type or design in mind you can look through our portfolio of past work for inspiration. Our experts can also guide you accordingly on what home might suit you best after understanding your preferences, budget, and the size, gradient, and nature of your block.

Our Process

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on building your lavish home, contact us and schedule an absolutely free on-site consultation. Our specialised block builders will meet with you at the site to learn more about your wants as well as to perform an evaluation on the sloping block in order to determine the best construction routes to take.

Our land evaluations and assessments also enable us to provide you with a highly competitive quote for the entire construction.

Some of the major factors that determine total cost include:

(a) Level of block incline

A gradient 20% or higher is considered steep and may require some excavation and leveling to establish a firm foundation. This will ramp up costs. Conversely, anything below 20% is considered intermediate to shallow. In such cases only light reinforcement may be required. This translates to much lower expenditure.

(b) Block accessibility

The farther away the block is from the road network, the higher the likelihood that you’ll pay more, and vice-versa. In addition, if the block is situated in a cramped region that requires the use of special building machines then this will have to be factored in the price as well.

(c) Soil type

Granular soils e.g. silt, sand or gravel have good drainage properties and can sustain substantial loads, hence are preferred. However, if the block is dominated by clay it may require a massive dig out and replacing large portions of the clay with granular soil.

NB// These are but a few considerations.

Each sloping block and home requirements are unique.

When you contact us, our luxury home builders will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all the factors taken into account in summing up your quote.

Benefits of Hiring Us

(a) Massive Experience

With more than 30 years building luxury homes on slopes we have the experience to successfully take on any sloping block project regardless of the size and complexity. Our experience also means we can tackle such projects at a much faster since we have some familiarity.

(b) Result oriented

We are 100% committed to getting homes built on excellence, and on time. If you want a lavish residence that will not require home renovations for many years to come then don’t hesitate to contact us.

(c) Excellent communication

As a client, we’ll keep you up to date constantly on our progress and any challenges we may encounter. 

(d) Cost Effective

We can advise you accordingly and/or develop custom cost effective solutions to help you minimise the overall total construction costs.

Schedule a consultation today to learn how you can benefit from this service.

(e) Glowing Portfolio

Check out our amazing body of work for past clients on our site to understand the high quality work we perform. We’re ready to offer more residential samples upon request.

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Building your dream home on a slope can be time-consuming, expensive and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be. At Nikal Construction, we simplify the entire building process by helping you better understand the budget requirements, timeline, prime construction materials, best construction methods, and any other essentials.

This helps you make highly informed decisions, and also puts your mind at ease. Schedule an absolutely free on-site consultation today by calling
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