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Generally, building a luxury home can be a time intensive and expensive endeavour. If you’re planning to build an exotic home in Broadbeach Waters you need highly experienced luxury home builders Broadbeach Waters specialists who can streamline the costs and accelerate the process.

Nikal Design and Construction has over 30 years’ experience building luxury homes in Broadbeach Waters and can guarantee an exquisite residential home in a convenient timeframe.

About Us

We are a top home builders business serving residents in Broadbeach Waters. We build custom lavish homes from scratch, perform renovations on elite homes, and even provide interior design services. Some of the homes we build include mansions, villas and townhouses to name a few. If you own a block of land in Broadbeach Waters give us a call and we’ll transform it into a lavish residence of your choice that you’ll absolutely love.

At Nikal Construction, we believe not only in attractive designs and architecture, but also in providing fully functional homes. We will work with you to ensure you get all the features you want exactly the way you want them in your home without compromising your ability to use them on a daily basis. By focusing on the details we can guarantee you quality craftsmanship with an exquisite finish.

We can handle projects of all sizes.

Give us a call today with your home requirements and we’ll arrange a free on-site consultation with you to start the process.

Our Process

Have you decided to kick-start the process of building your lavish home? Give us a call or send us a message with your home requirements. Our friendly staff will schedule an absolutely free consultation and pair you with our Broadbeach Waters building specialists at a suitable time.

One of the steps during consultation will be evaluating the land and assessing other key factors to determine an appropriate quote.

These include:

Land location.

Sloping land poses unique building challenges which can cause the overall costs to rise compared to building on level land. Land located in a cramped location, rocky land may also require special attention which will affect the price.

Design and Functionality

What different amenities would you like included in your home? Are there any specific designs you’d like incorporated? What specific materials would you like for building the different amenities or rooms? We consider these factors and more in determining the quote.

Your Home Plan

We inquire about the size, shape, height of your desired home. A large home with a unique shape will require a greater financial investment compared to a smaller residence with a traditional look.

Completion Time

Would you like your home completed in a much shorter period? The construction will require more skilled labour and equipment. This ultimately translates to greater expenditure. Upon request, the construction period can be expedited significantly. Our builders will advise you accordingly on a realistic timeframe depending on your budget.

Other Reasons to Choose Nikal Construction

Qualified and Highly Experienced Builders

All our builders are certified and have vast experience constructing and renovating a wide variety of lavish homes in Broadbeach Waters and Queensland. Our builders can tackle any construction tasks you may have with relative ease. We are fully licensed with QBCC.

Commitment to Excellence

We are driven by a deep desire to satisfy all our clients irrespective of their building requirements. We’re constantly upgrading to new technologies, equipment and even adopting the latest building techniques to ensure we deliver the absolute best homes.

Innovative Solutions

Looking to build a specific exotic home but you’re limited by your budget? We can work around this by providing innovative solutions that will enable you to obtain a home that has all the core features you desire.

Contact us to gain more insight on how our professionals can help you acquire a lavish home by developing custom innovative solutions.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Nikal Construction we pride ourselves on being courteous and professional at all times with our clients. We’re also excellent communicators. Once hired, we will keep you informed on our progress at each construction phase. We will notify you of any hiccups that may occur so that you may be fully aware of all the details involving your home construction. You’re also free to contribute ideas or suggestions towards the construction of your home should you choose to.

Other Services

We also renovate high-end homes and provide interior design services. We know how best to utilise floor plans, develop functional spaces, and even utilise modern designs to ensure old homes are transformed into attractive lavish dwellings.

Get in touch for more information on our renovation services.

Contact Us

Nikal Construction are luxury home builders Broadbeach Waters professionals you can trust. Give us a call on 1300 677 087 to speak to our builder specialists and arrange a free consultation session. You can also send us a message online through our contact form. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

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