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More often than not building a luxury home in Palm Beach can be an expensive and time-intensive exercise. But it doesn’t have to be. The common issues relating to design/budget misalignment, unexpected costs and delays can all be solved by choosing a quality construction company. Nikal Construction is a top notch luxury home builders Palm Beach construction company with over 30 years’ experience successfully building high-end homes in Palm Beach, QLD.

Why Nikal Construction

We are a team of highly specialised and experienced architects and designers. Our vast experience building exotic homes for Palm Beach residents means we’re very familiar with what the building process entails in the region. We’ve also forged meaningful relationships with surrounding suppliers. This ensures we obtain quality materials at excellent rates, and on a timely basis.

Nikal Construction is adept at building lavish homes of all types and sizes. Cottages, villas, manors, condos, townhouses, bungalows, you name it. Our homes are unique and easily stand out from the rest because we place emphasis on three core aspects: the use of quality raw building materials, using highly experienced and specialised professionals, and developing stunning interiors and distinguished external architecture.

Do you have a professional blueprint for your high-end dream home? Rest assured we can transform your design into the exact residence you want.

Don’t have a design in mind? Our team can help you determine the best home for you by learning about your desires, preferences, and budget.

If you already have an existing home and wish to have it remodeled to a lavish residence, we can help with the renovations by maintaining the best parts and upgrading the rest to conform to your standards.

Whether it’s building your lavish home from scratch, or renovations, give us a call and we’ll help you get what you want. We’re also more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

Our Process

Ready to take the leap and start construction on your new dream home?

Give us a call and we’ll get the ball rolling by scheduling a free one-on-one on-site consultation. Our consultation will help our professional builders understand your home requirements in order for them to come up with a competitive estimate for the entire project.

We take into account a host of factors before settling on a figure.

Some of our considerations include:

Land terrain

Is your block of land flat or is it sloping. Generally, flat land is more economical to build on (depending on the home to be built) compared to sloped land. That said, building on sloped land doesn’t have to be very expensive. If you have a hillside property in Palm Beach our sloping block builders  can establish a home on the property at a fair price courtesy of our vast experience building such homes. When we’re done you’ll have a secure, luxurious residence that will last more than a lifetime.

Home Architecture and Interior Design

Depending on your requested interior design and external architecture, special materials may be required in the home’s construction. The more valuable the materials the higher the expected costs.

Our specialists will advise you accordingly on suitable cheaper substitutes that will deliver a similar effect compared to the one you seek. Whether you’re after a retro look, or a classic modern appearance, we got you covered.

Local Government Approvals

As a licensd company with over three decades of experience we understand the nitty-gritties of filing applications to obtain government approvals to ensure a successful construction project. Our deep roots in the Palm Beach and Queensland community make it easier to get construction approvals from the local government and council. Such service costs, though menial, are also factored in.

Special amenities

Some amenities such as a swimming pool, spa can ramp up costs significantly especially if they are to be built with unique shapes and features.

For a more comprehensive list of all cost factors please speak to our specialists. Bear in mind that each home is unique and thus the price will be based on different cost elements.

Other Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Highly Professional

We always stick true to our promises. In case of any unforeseen happenings we will quickly notify you of the occurrences and develop new custom solutions to ensure the project is not inconvenienced.

Friendly & Courteous

We approach all our clients with a friendly attitude and courteous mannerism. Our goal is to make all our interactions with our prospects and clients engaging, informative and memorable.


In addition to constructing lavish homes from the ground up, we also carry out renovations on homes and transform them into exotic residences. We perform both full and partial renovations. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, living room remodeling, you can always rely on Nikal specialists to deliver an awesome finish.

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Schedule a free no-obligation consultation with our luxury home builders Palm Beach specialists by calling 1300 677 087 and obtain a free on-site quote. You can also reach out using our contact form and we’ll communicate back as soon as possible.

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