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If you’re planning on building a luxury home on the Gold Coast, you need a team who understands the unique challenges and specific needs that are required when designing and constructing a home of this high standard. With over 30 years’ experience, our custom home builders in Burleigh Heads can help you bring your dream to a reality.

Nikal Construction are specialists in building high-end homes in the Burleigh Heads, Burleigh Waters and West Burleigh areas of the Gold Coast. We combine innovative design with unrivalled expertise and quality materials to deliver multi-million-dollar residential havens that are stylishly modern, comfortable and functional for the entire family. 

Our talented custom builders can design and build any type of dream home on any type of land. We specialise in the construction of affluent split-level homes, as well as sloping block and narrow block homes. Give our friendly team a call today to arrange a free onsite quote and discuss your project needs.

Custom Home Builders Gold Coast
custom built homes burleigh heads
Custom Home Builders Burleigh Heads
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How Can Our Custom Builders in Burleigh Heads Help You Build Your Dream Home?

If you’re on the fence about hiring a luxury home builder’s team to help you complete your big project – here’s some top reasons to make the leap and contact Nikal Construction to get the job done:

Custom Specifications

When you hire us, you’re in the drivers’ seat from start to finish. We work closely with you to design and construct the exact type of home you envision, including mansions, luxury condos, villas and townhouses. You have the final say on architecture, features, amenities and finishes so your home can be a source of comfort and happiness to you and your family for many years to come.

Local Knowledge

We’re locals so we know the Burleigh area very well. No matter how difficult you think your land is, we can tailor our construction to suit it perfectly. We also use our understanding of current design trends to build you a home that is in style, modern and makes the right impression. 

Latest Equipment

When you build the best, you need the best equipment! We use the latest equipment and technology, as well as quality materials and finishes, during the design and construction process so that your home is safe, durable and built to the highest standard. From swimming pools and personal gyms to wine cellars and outdoor kitchens – no feature is too big or complex for us to achieve.

Open Communication

We keep in constant communication with you from start to end. Building a luxury home is a collaborative process where we combine our innovative ideas and expertise with your needs and goals to build you a home that we can both be proud of!

General FAQ's

Building a custom home in Burleigh Heads will be more expensive than a standard home. This is due to the size of the home and customisations your require. Depending on these elements the price is generally $250,000 and above.

An initial meeting to start planning with the owners followed by the design phase of the new home. An assessment of the building site is then conducted. A plan for the home is then designed taking into account your desires, building requirements and materials to be used. This will then define the cost of building the home and duration of the construction period. Once agreed upon, building will start and be later completed for handover to the owners.

Nikal are known as experts in building custom homes on sloping blocks. We plan and engineer a home to be constructed with consideration across drainage and stability, while maintaining views and exclusivity of the location.

Our building process includes a 7 Steps consisting of an initial meeting with you to discuss your requirements, planning, design of the home and construction of the building. We then conduct a final inspection 30 days later and 12 months later to ensure the building is defect free and that you are satisfied with your new home.

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What Is Our Custom-Built Homes Process?

We know how excited you are to get started on building your dream home, so we’ve made the quoting and assessment process as easy as possible.

Simply call our team to arrange a free onsite assessment of your property and to discuss the project requirements. We’ll give you a competitive quote that takes into account all aspects, including size, design and timeframe.

We’ll Help You Live The Dream Today!

Ready to stop dreaming of your luxury home and start living in it instead? Give our custom home builders in Burleigh Heads a call today and we’ll help you get started.

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