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Are you a Gold Coast resident, or planning to move there?

Would you like to build a home that contains a host of modern amenities, facilities, and oozes sophistication? A key aspect of building a stunning luxury home with modern conveniences is bringing to life a unique structure with an internal design that distinguishes the residence from any other home.

In order to successfully accomplish this, you need a team of architects, designers, and custom builders on the Gold Coast who are highly specialised and experienced in constructing such high-end homes from scratch.

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Cue Nikal Construction

We’ve been building custom homes in Broadbeach, the Gold Coast and in Brisbane with over 30 years of experience and an impressive portfolio of elite homes constructions.

Over the course of three decades, we have amassed numerous satisfied clients by ensuring their lavish dream home is exactly the way they envisioned it.

We obsess over details

For instance: we’ve mastered how to use natural materials to create stunning interiors, how to apply subtle and neutral colors for flooring and fixtures that add vibrancy to a room, how to effectively adopt open floor plans, and even how to include technological systems in your home e.g. solar systems, lighting, alarms, without compromising the overall chic décor.

Whichever luxury home you desire, we can build it. Whether it’s a villa, mansion, manor or multi-family establishment, we have the expertise, creativity, and manpower to build a residence that is both extremely gorgeous and eco-friendly.

Our Process

Ready to get started on constructing your luxury dream home?

Start by getting in touch with us and scheduling a free on-site consultation. We’ll arrive at your property to evaluate the land first-hand in order to determine a quote for the project.

We take into account several key factors in assessing the overall design and construction costs.

Some of these include:


We consider the proximity to main roads, as well as the ease of accessing the desired building site since this affects the transportation of building materials. We also consider the distance to the nearest sewer lines, the nature of the land e.g. is it rocky, as well as the surrounding neighbours, if any, and vegetation.

Gradient of the land

Some blocks may require leveling to create a firm stable foundation by adding soil. Similarly sloping land may require creative drainage solutions to prevent surface water from pooling and interfering with septic systems.

Depending on the steepness of the slope, extra measures e.g. terracing may also need to be put in place to curb or minimise soil erosion during construction.

Your home plan

What’s the shape, size, and height of your desired home? These factors will play a role in the overall cost estimation. The cost of a home is generally determined based on a price per sq. foot basis.

Although generally, this implies that a larger structure would cost more to build, it is not always the case since other factors also play a role in determining the price of a home.

Our experts are ready to advise you accordingly on the best way to go about minimising your home construction costs.

Building specifications

We get to understand your preferred building materials and add up their associated costs.

Expected duration of the project

Do you have an expected timeframe for completion? The shorter it is the more expensive it will be. This is because more skilled manpower will be required.

NB: This list is not exhaustive.

We understand that each home is unique and therefore will have varying cost determinants. Contact our experts to learn more about your home’s unique cost factors.

Other Reasons to Work With Us

Passion for Excellence

We are obsessively passionate about delivering top notch homes 100% of the time. Our team comprises of only highly trained and experienced professionals to guarantee superior workmanship.

Highly Innovative

Don’t have tons of cash to splurge on a big luxury home? No problem. Let us know your budget and we’ll recommend a variety of luxury home designs that can be developed within your financial range. We’re also always open to any ideas you may have regarding the construction of your home.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can better serve you.

Deadline Oriented

We strive to meet all agreed upon deadlines through effective planning, co-ordination and management.

Focus Customer Service

We maintain constant communication with all our clients from the design to the construction phase. We will fill you in on our progress as we advance. You can also chime in with any feedback, or suggestions, you may have and we will deliberate to chart the best way forward.


We build lavish homes of all sizes and styles. If you can dream it, we can build it. We also build on different terrains as well i.e. flat land or sloped land. No matter how unique your plot of land maybe we can fashion it through cost-effective solutions to accommodate your dream home.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more.

Get in Touch

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast custom home builder that you can trust to build your luxury home and deliver a stunning end product that you’ll absolutely love, then reach out to us. Call us today on 1300 677 087 or connect with us online via our contact form.

General FAQ's

Building a luxury home will be more expensive than a standard home construction. This is because of the size of the home and materials used, together with the expertise of a luxury home builder. The price is generally in excess of $250,000 and more, depending on these elements. Your builder will work with you to quote on the home construction within your budget.

An initial meeting is conducted with the home owners to start planning the design of the home. An assesment of the buildong site is then conducted. A plan for the home is then designed taking into account your desires, building requirements and materials to be used. This will then define the cost of building the home and duration of the construction period. Once agreed upon, building will start and be later completed for handover to the owners.

Yes you can. Our experienced builders specialise in building homes on sloping blocks. We know how to plan and engineer a home to be constructed on a sloping block with consideration across drainage and stability, while maintaining views and exclusivity of the location.

We follow a 7 Step process that includes an initial meeting with you to discuss your wishes, planning, design of the home and construction of the building. Finally we conduct a final inspection 30 days later and 12 months later to ensure the building is defect free and that you are satisfied with your new home.

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