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Luxury Home Builders Brisbane

There are some popular suburbs in Brisbane that are well known for their share of high-end luxury homes.

Suburbs like New Farm, Ascot and Hamilton are populated with beautifully built and designed homes. The average price for homes in these areas alone is over $1.4 million dollars.

If you’re looking for Luxury Custom Built Homes, the first step is to find a Brisbane Luxury Home Builder who is experienced in this type of construction that you can trust to deliver on your next project.

You will need to consider careful planning in architecturally designing the home, choice of materials and finishes within your planned budget for the build.

The team from Nikal has more than 30 years of experience building these types of homes in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast with many happy customers.

Planning to Build Your Brisbane Luxury Home

In planning for your new luxury home build, it’s important to establish a budget upfront. Sticking to a budget in this type of build can be an enormous challenge so working out what it will be first will help reduce stress.

During this process, you should consider every aspect of the build including materials to be used externally and internally. This includes the kitchen cabinetry, benchtops, bathrooms, flooring, light fittings, air conditioning and any high-end fittings to be installed.

Next, consider what are the must-have items and the wants. Make a list of the important must-haves and work from there to see what else can be incorporated into the build. Speak with your Builder and Architect during this process to gain advice on what can be done and alternatives.

It’s important to make the new home a functional place to live in with a kitchen that is easy to move around with plenty of useful storage and features. Living areas should also be functional in terms of adding furniture, TV’s and layout.

Other rooms to be considered include a home theatre, home office, walk-in closets, large dining room, large pantry and gym area. Designing your floor plan will allow you to create a home that meets your needs.

Planning For Future Resale

Another important consideration is resale of the home in the future.

Think about how long you plan to stay in the new location. You want to create a home you will love and enjoy during this time first up. Second, think about the build in terms of spend. Look at the area and home values. Anything can be done but, it’s also important to not overcapitalise on the project as you may not ever make that money back.

Your personality might be seeking lavish finishings or something big and unusual. You will no doubt enjoy this but, will others?

There’s a fine line to balance, so working with your builder, you can achieve this in the most effective way.

Start Planning Your New Luxury Home

If you’ve done some research and careful considerations, now might be the time to speak with a builder toward taking the next step in your project.

You can arrange a free consultation with Luxury Home Builders Brisbane to meet and look at how we can build the home of your dreams.

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