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Thinking of building your luxury home in Brisbane with special amenities such as a fancy outdoor kitchen, personal gym, wine cellar, or even a swimming pool? If so, our Nikal Construction team can help make your dream a reality. Nikal Construction is a highly innovative and experienced luxury home builders Brisbane company. With over 30 years building custom exotic homes in the Queensland region, we can guarantee you a unique residential palace with a scintillating interior and a distinguished architecture that you’ll absolutely love.

About Our Homes

We are experts at building a wide range of lavish homes. Our portfolio includes villas, mansions, cottages, condos, townhouses and more. If you have a blueprint of your custom luxury home, we can transform it into the elegant structure you so desire.

Once hired, we go to great lengths to ensure all our clients’ needs are met, and their homes deliver maximum value and lifelong satisfaction. We understand that the success of a building project depends on how well the details are handled. As such, we are very picky about the materials and equipment we use, the construction technologies, and even the specialists we hire. This all works out in your benefit by ensuring you don’t just get a “good” looking home, but a great one.

We tackle luxury home construction projects of all sizes.

Please contact us for if you need any clarification. We’re more than happy to answer all your questions and help you kick-start your journey towards owning your luxury dream home.

Our Process

When you’re ready to build your dream home give our friendly Brisbane specialists a call and we’ll set you up with a 100% free on-site consultation (internal link). The consultation serves one core purpose i.e. help determine your dream home requirements to develop an estimate/quote for the construction project.

We assess a variety of factors to come up with a suitable figure. Some of these factors include:

Land and the location

The nature of land determines, to a huge extent, the overall construction costs. Flat land is cheaper to build on than sloped land. This is because our sloping block builders require special equipment to perform special procedures to stabilise the land and build on it.

Location also plays a vital role in determining cost because the distance from the main roads influences the ease with which building materials and labour are transported to the intended site.

Your Home Plan.

What’s the size and design of the home you want. Are there any special materials you would like to be used in your home’s architecture? These factors will all contribute towards the overall cost.

Special amenities

Some amenities such as a spa may require more financial investment in order to set up, compared to homes without. The size of such amenities can also further inflate the costs. Keep this in mind when allocating funding for your construction.

Anticipated construction timeline

If you want your home construction timeline expedited that will also raise your construction costs. This is because more specialised labour, equipment, and machinery will be required to move up a deadline to meet your expectations.

These are but a few considerations. Keep in mind each construction project is unique and the quote may rely on a variety of other factors. Get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all the cost factors that went into assessing your home’s construction cost.

Other Reasons to Hire Us

Massive experience

Our 30+ years’ experience building lavish homes for Brisbane, and Queensland residents at large, means you’re in more than capable hands. Whichever home you choose you can rest assured we can build it to your exact specifications, in a suitable timeframe, and at the best price.


All our contractors always deliver on what is promised during the consultation phase. In case you have any questions about our progress, or any challenges we encounter along the way, feel free to let us know and we will fill you in periodically, or as they happen, in order to keep you up to date. We work with you and for you to ensure you get a home you’ll absolutely adore.

Friendly & Courteous

We value all our clients and treat them with the utmost respect and courtesy. We respond promptly to any queries and strive to make all interactions with us a great experience.

Highly Innovative

We develop innovative renovations and innovative construction solutions for homeowners with tight budgets. Contact us with your requirements and allotted budget and we will help you obtain a lovely exotic home.

Discounted Offers

Due to our good relationships with our suppliers we can obtain materials at discounted rates. As our client this will trickle down to you and result in overall lower construction costs.

Contact Us

Call us on 1300 677 087 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation with our luxury home builders Brisbane professionals. You can also reach us via our contact form with your questions or building requirements and we’ll respond to you in the shortest time possible.

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