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Sloping block house designs

Finding the perfect location to build a new home is one of the top priorities for many people looking to take that step.

It can involve hours of visits to an area, driving to different parts of the area and assessing the land on offer. If you’re looking for a place with a beautiful view, then it’s likely that the block of land will be a sloping block that gives you those angles.

People can often be discouraged when they discover a sloping block, thinking it’s too hard to build on and will cost an enormous amount of money to do so.

The good news is, this is not the case. Experienced sloping block builders know how to design and construct these types of homes with little problem.

This post will look at all aspects of building and house plans for sloping blocks and what is involved in the process.

The process of building on a sloping block

The first stage of building a house is to meet with you to learn about your dreams and aspirations for your new home. The style, size, views you’re looking for and the budget we have to work with.

The next stage is an important one. We will need to inspect the block to assess its characteristics and process how the construction would be completed.

There are a number of items to consider on these types of blocks. They are very different to a standard flat block. This includes assessment of the angle of the slope, orientation to the views, drainage, sewerage and any local animals and fauna to be considered.

Typically, the steeper the slope, the more expensive the build will be on the basis of the engineering and construction requirements to enable the build to go ahead.

Once this has been completed, your builder can start working on house plans for sloping blocks with views. They will work with you to design a home that suits your needs and provides the luxury home you’re looking for. This will include room sizes, how many rooms you need, materials to be used to give you the look and feel you want.

At this stage, the builder will be able to provide you with a written quote on the costings for the job. Once this has been agreed upon, the build can be scheduled to start.

Benefits of Building on Sloping Land

Sloping blocks can be a great location for your new home. On the Gold Coast and Brisbane, the rewards are definitely worth the investment.

Here are a few benefits:

Enhanced natural ventilation

Often, sloping blocks tend to be close to forests, bush or a collection of trees and other vegetation. This enhances the supply of fresh air your home receives. South-East Queensland is known for its hot and wet climate for the most part of the year, this can mean lower energy costs due to less reliance on air conditioning.

Natural Lighting

Sloped blocks ensure homes are well positioned to maximise the natural sunlight far better than homes built on regular terrain. Sunlight possesses a host of benefits such as boosting the immune system and even boosts blood circulation. It makes a person feel good.

The views

You can enjoy uninterrupted views for miles if your home is on a raised sloped block. If on a hill, you’ll be constantly bombarded with stunning views of clear skies above, as well as scenic landscapes, beaches, valleys, or trees below and around you.


If you prefer your dream home to be away from urban town centers or in a place where you can enjoy premium privacy and a serene environment? You can easily find such blocks to build on around sloped or steep land.

Character of the home

Since it is generally costly to maximise horizontal space for a home on a sloped block due to excavation, leveling, and reinforcement costs, the design, building, and expansion are usually done vertically.

Depending on the gradient of the slope and the experience of the builders, the home can be made to have a distinguishing glamorous look that complements the sloped land and its environs.

If you are looking to build on a sloping block, contact our experienced team to arrange a time to discuss your needs.

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