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Luxury Home Builders in Miami

Miami is a beach side suburb on the Gold Coast. It’s a popular area for people seeking to live near to the ocean and enjoy good food close to all amenities.

The area has a number of luxury homes built facing the beach, in surrounding streets and homes being rebuilt or renovated to reflect the local surroundings.

If you want to build a luxury home in Miami, it’s important to do some planning and speak to an experienced high-end builder that knows how to create these types of homes.

The Building Process

The first step in our process is to meet with you to discuss your plans to build. There are a lot of existing homes in Miami today so your options may include a full knock down and rebuild or high scale renovation.

We can assist in the planning process as you will need to gain approval from the Gold Coast City Council for construction to meet town planning requirements. We can guide you through this process to avoid delays and extra costs.

The next step is a site inspection. We will need to assess the land characteristics, slope, views and construction requirements.

The third stage is the design planning phase. Following the site inspection, we know what can be done, the materials to be used to achieve the home you want. We can do a feasibility assessment and provide you with a quote. We will discuss this with you to ensure everything is clear, within your budget with no surprises.

Finally we can plan to start the construction process. In the event of a knock down, there is a large amount of work to do in demolishing the existing structure, removing debris and clearing the block for the new home build. We’ll explain all of this to you in the planning phase.

If it’s a vacant developed block of land, this will dramatically save a lot of time and work. The new home can be constructed with less fuss and time delays.


If you’ve purchased a home in Miami and want to renovate, we can help with this too. We will meet with you to understand what you want to achieve and develop a sound plan to get the results you want. Renovations internally and externally can dramatically change the appearance of a home and add a lot of value, while giving you the lifestyle you want.


Back in the good times of the early 1920s, prospective investors were looking over plans for a new real estate development called Miami Shore at North Burleigh.

They built their wooden or fibro bungalows on estates such as Miami Shore, spent their holidays by the beach, or rented the cottages to other holiday makers.

A building and tourism phenomena of the 1960s, local motels featured names such as the El Rancho Restel, the Florida Car-o-tel and the Pineapple Motel.

The first high school between Southport and border, Miami High, opened in 1963.

Like the distinctive sign Miami High on the scarp of the quarry, the school was both a landmark and symbol for a population growing up on the coast. Miami itself changed little during the dramatic development and expansion of the 1970s and 80s.

Want to Build In Miami QLD?

If you’re looking for a builder for your next project in Miami, contact us today for a free consultation on 1300 677 087. We’re fully licensed and qualified with more than 30 years of experience.

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