Clear Island Waters

Luxury Home Builders in Clear Island Waters

Clear Island Waters is a waterside community on the Gold Coast. The area is well known for its lavish homes in a picturesque location, while still close to all local amenities and services.

There is limited space in the area so most homeowners keep hold of their properties for many years.

This limits building in the area so some may consider a knock down, rebuild of a property or extensive renovations or extensions to the home.

Careful planning will be required to undertake significant work such as this. The team at Nikal have the experience and qualifications to do so.

The Ultimate Dream Home

Building your dream home requires good planning and project management for a successful outcome. Our building process provides the steps to do so and give you the confidence that this will happen without the stress. Finding qualified Luxury Home Builders in Clear Island Waters is an important step in this process.

The Building Process

First, we will meet with you to understand what you would like to achieve, know your budget and explain the building process from start to finish.

Next, we will inspect the site, current home to assess the land, views and outline what is required to complete the work.

Thirdly, we will design the home and detail the construction steps and provide you with an estimate on the cost to complete the work for your consideration. We can then review and discuss the costings and make any changes as you require.

Once you agree and wish to proceed, we will schedule a start date to commence the construction. 

After the work is complete, we will perform our guarantee checks on the home and sign off.

You can download our free guide here.


Undertaking large scale renovations and or extensions is also an option we can assist with. Similar to the building process, we will meet with you to understand and plan the renovations or building extensions for your home.

Typically, this may include the kitchen, bathrooms or living spaces. You may desire more rooms, so an extension can provide additional bedrooms or living room spaces.

Renovations can add significant value to a home and help improve your lifestyle.

Structural Guarantee

Guaranteeing our work is our number one focus. We pride ourselves in what we do and the final work completed.

Once we hand over property back to you following the work, we will schedule follow up meetings into the next 12 months. This gives you time to settle in and for the construction to bed down. The home will likely have experienced a range of different weather and usage over this time so we can review how the building has withstood this.

We will schedule a maintenance assessment 30 days after the handover and again in 12 months time. This will give you confidence that the home is sound and will last for many years to come.

If you would like to arrange a free consultation, simply contact us today. We look forward to working with you and creating your dream home.

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