home renovations one the gold coast

Home Renovations on the Gold Coast

Homeowners often think about renovating after years in the same home. Designs and styles change over time or people just get tired of the same old look and want to refresh their living space.

Knowing where to start can be hard and time consuming. Is it just one room, the kitchen, living room, bathroom or outdoor area? Planning a renovation is key in keeping things on track and to budget. Can I DIY it all myself? An experienced builder can help you design the renovation, plan the changes and materials to be used within your budget constraints.

The following types of renovations are popular with homeowners and we look at the processes and benefits of each choice here.

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen makeovers are one of the top choices in renovations. These rooms typically see the most traffic in a house and can wear out, be damaged or lose its luster. The kitchen is often regarded as the centre of the home wear you prepare meals, cook and spend time together during these activities.

Kitchens are known to be expensive to renovate with cabinets, appliances, bench tops, lighting and flooring. This is because some of the materials are high quality and simply cost more together with different trades people working on the job.

A beautifully designed kitchen can however add a significant amount of resale value on a home

Bathroom Renovations

Similar to the kitchen, bathroom renovations are high on the list for remodeling. Like kitchens, bathrooms get a lot of use and things can wear out, be damaged, chipped over the years.

Again, these types of renovations can also be costly but, they add a great amount to the value of a home. Kitchens and bathrooms are often the focus of a home as they are used the most. People want to have a comfortable space to enjoy that is functional. If you sell your home, this will be attractive to buyers and add high value to the home.

The current trends of large sized tiles, (eg: 600×600 mm tiles) a single glass sheet for a shower, wall mounted vanity units are very popular with our clients. These materials make a bathroom or en suite appear spacious and look high value.

Home Extensions

People also want to look at options to extend their home. This may include additional bedrooms, an internal laundry, more open plan living spaces or a garage space.

We can assist in planning for this type of construction and perhaps utilising an existing space such as a double garage for new rooms. We can also assist in determining if you will require council approval to complete the building changes.

Many homeowners are choosing to use an existing garage space to build out new bedrooms and or a laundry space, then building a covered roof in front of this wall to cover their cars. This option can save a lot in terms of construction costs. You will likely need to obtain council approval to complete this type of refit.

Home Renovation Process

The first step is to meet with us to discuss your ideas and wants for the renovations. We can provide you with advice and ideas on the materials to use, how to approach the job and how long it will take. We will also take your budget into account too.

Once you are satisfied with the quote and work schedule, we will book in a date to commence the works with as little impact on you as possible. This of course will depend on the scope of the work to be completed.

If you would like to arrange a free consultation with our team, contact us today.

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