Building Trends Gold Coast 2020

Building Trends Gold Coast 2020

Building or renovating a home involves a lot of careful planning and research to find what you want and get the job done right.

Often, people feel overwhelmed with the variety of choices and don’t know where to start. In this post we look at some of the current building trends in 2020 to give you some ideas and a place to start your next project.

In this post we look at the current Building Trends on the Gold Coast in 2020 for new builds and renovations.

Sustainability and eco-friendly

Doing our bit for the environment and saving money on energy costs is becoming more popular in homes. Many homeowners are looking to more efficient ways including LED lighting, water tanks for toilets and washing machine usage, water saving tapware and motion detection sensor lights.

These items can save you hundreds in electricity and water costs while protecting our natural environment.

Solar power might also be an option for your home to use solar energy over electricity. An effective system can generate enough electricity to run a home and hot water system in conjunction with efficient installed lighting and sustainable usage practices – turn switches off when not in use.

Open plan living

We’re seeing people focus more on their kitchen space over just being a place to prepare meals but, to become a place where families spend more time together. This can be preparing meals and a place to sit and enjoy their meals in an open space with shared seating, or enjoying a drink and snacks.

Smart Home Automation Technology

Smart Home technology has seen a big rise over the past few years with more people looking for solutions to make their home more efficient, sustainable and safe.

This can include air conditioning systems, lighting systems, motion detection video cameras and home entertainment all controlled by a Smart unit or your mobile phone.

Brands like My Air, My Lights, Ring and Google offer a range of products that can fulfill your needs and there are many others available. (we are not affiliated with these brands).

Lighting for your home

As mentioned, sustainability with electricity and lighting is becoming a bigger focus for homeowners. When building or renovating, it’s important to consider a balance of lighting and natural light into your home.

This can not only reduce electricity costs on lighting but also heating in the cooler months. The use of larger windows and skylights can provide sunlight into a home naturally heating the space.

New technology with LED lighting including downlights, fitting globes can drastically reduce energy usage.

Insulation can also help retain heat and from natural light and reduce excessive heat in the summer months. There are a number of products available today that work effectively to achieve this.

Renovate or Rebuild

Depending on your budget, renovating your home may be cheaper than rebuilding your home. The cost to knock down the home and fully rebuild it may far outweigh the cost of a large renovation.

It’s best to speak with your building renovations gold coast to assess the options and costs involved in a full rebuild. Your Builder can help you plan and design renovations, extensions on the existing property for a full refresh of your home.

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