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Hope Island is well known as an idyllic location on the Gold Coast, QLD. The area is home to waterfront homes, resort-style living, golf courses, marina and shops.

Building or renovating a home in Hope Island is commonplace with many homeowners looking to establish themselves in the area or update their current home in a more modern style.

The team from Nikal is highly experienced in constructing luxury homes on the Gold Coast and renovation projects for existing homes.

Luxury Home Building Hope Island

If you’re planning to build a luxury style home, it’s important to find a builder that has experience and capabilities in this type of construction. These types of homes are typically different from standard spec homes based on the size, features and materials used.

Luxury home builders know how to create a beautiful new home and keep the project on budget. This will include designing the home to meet your choices and desires, using the right materials effectively to reduce costs and working with other trades to keep the build on schedule and to budget.

Other considerations may also come into play such as building on a sloping block and managing this type of build. This will require careful planning to maintain views, drainage requirements, landscaping and physical build of the home.

Renovations Hope Island

Renovating an existing home is a popular step taken by many homeowners who want to remain in Hope Island but create a new style of home that they live in.

Typically, homeowners will look to renovate their kitchen, bathrooms, living spaces and external areas such as entertainment spaces. These types of renovations all require careful planning to again achieve the desired outcome, maintain the budget for the project/s and add value to the property.

Kitchen renovations will often require a full rip out of the existing kitchen including cabinets, sinks and flooring. Planning will be done to accommodate for new plumbing and electrical installations, flooring and other new features.

Bathrooms also require a full rip out of tiling, flooring and planning for changes to plumbing and electrical fittings in the room. This can be quite involved and take a lot of work. An experienced tradesperson will be able to complete the work and prepare the room for the new renovation installation.

Finding The Right Builder

This can often be a difficult task that takes some time. As mentioned, it’s important to choose a builder that is highly experienced and has the skills to complete the work that you want. You can search online locally and look at reviews on builders and check the QBCC to make sure they have no infringements on their license. Once you’ve found someone, take the time to meet and discuss your project. Once you’re satisfied with the builder, it’s time to start the project and stay in tune with them throughout the process.

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