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Are You Worried That Your Difficult or Sloping Block in Brisbane Could Be A Problem And Blow The Budget?

Are you considering building your dream home on a sloping block in Brisbane?

Although building on a slope is a creatively challenging affair, it’s worth noting some of the best homes ever to be built have been on sloped land.

Sure, sloped land requires additional foundation work which can be quite expensive. However, depending on the experience of the builders you hire, the rewards should far supersede the cost investment.

Highly experienced sloping block builders Brisbane can advise you on the best slope building options that will minimise construction costs and make the exercise more financially manageable. Likewise, they should be able to guarantee maximum stability of the home, as well as guarantee the safety and protection of your home against potential mudslides, especially if the structure is located on a steep slope.

At Nikal Construction we can proudly provide these assurances to all Brisbane residents looking to build their dream home on a sloping block. Our confidence stems from 30+ years of experience building elite homes in the Brisbane region on a variety of sloping land.

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Our Process

If you’re ready to make your lavish dream home a reality, take the first step and contact our sloping block luxury home builders.

They will arrange for an on-site assessment and evaluation of your property to determine an appropriate project completion time and a competitive quote.

All our quotes and consultations are 100% free with absolutely no obligation to you.

In order to give you an accurate estimate we take into consideration some core factors such as:

(a) The slope gradient.

The steeper the gradient, the greater the associated costs, and vice-versa. The gradient also determines, to an extent, the type of technique that will be used to build the foundation. Each technique has different material and labour requirements thus different costs can be expected.

(b) The slope building technique you choose

There are different slope foundation building techniques. Two prime examples include cut and fill, and the use of stilts. The technique you choose will depend on the level of the slope, as well as the size of your preferred home.

(c) Drainage

We consider the different types of soils in the proposed building site. Granular soils such as silt, sand, and gravel can sustain much higher loads than clay and loam soils. In the event the soil is predominantly clay, there may be a need to excavate some block portions and a fill of granular soils used as a replacement.

Granular soils also prevent the pooling of surface water which can exert undue pressure on some slope foundations. This can be problematic in seasons of heavy rains.

(d) Erosion

Depending on the available plants on the site, terracing and other soil conservation techniques may be implemented to prevent massive soil erosion.

In addition to the above, the cost estimation will depend on the nature of your individual property i.e. landscape, and the type of luxury home you want to build.

For a comprehensive breakdown of all the factors we consider, please contact us.

Any specific cost related questions will be answered at the on-site consultation.

More Reasons to Work with Us

(a) Highly Professional

Our word is our bond. Trust is at the core of our business. We take immense pride in fulfilling our promises and commitments. We’re QBCC and Master Builders QLD licensed and certified.

(b) Committed to excellence

To us, good enough simply isn’t enough. Our obsession with perfection means you can expect above satisfactory results. Rest assured you won’t require any home renovations for a very long time.

(c)  Regular communication

We will keep you informed about our progress at every step in the building process. You can count on us to keep you informed even when we run into unexpected challenges.

(d)  Cost effective

Depending on the gradient of the sloping block and the type of home you’re building, we can devise creative solutions that will help cut down your overall building costs.

Get in touch today to learn more on how we can make the building process easier for you.

(e)  Strict adherence to deadlines

Do you need your home built in a specific timeline? Our experts will advise you accordingly on a feasible timeframe during the on-site consultation. Once agreed upon, with your co-operation, we will work to ensure you get your lavish home on time.

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We’re also ready to answer any questions you may have and provide any additional information regarding our design, evaluation, assessment and building processes.

We also do sloping block building on the Gold Coast

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