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Are you a Clear Island Waters resident looking to build your own luxury home in the region? If so, you need to hire highly experienced luxury home builders for a smooth luxury home building experience.

Building a custom luxury home requires tremendous knowledge and skill which regular home builder companies do not possess. With elite custom homes absolutely everything, from the floor plan to the kitchen sink, must be tailored to meet the client’s exact requirements. Failure to accomplish this leads to a poor or sub-optimal home. Considering you’re investing a huge chunk into your residence, you need the absolute best outcome.

Choose Nikal Construction

At Nikal Construction, we can assure you of a luxury home you’ll absolutely love, and one that meets all your expectations. Our confidence to deliver stems from having successfully built numerous such homes over the past 30 years for Gold Coast residents.

We can build a variety of elite homes. This includes villas, mansions, townhouses, manors, cottages, you name it.

No project is too complex for us.

If you have a sloping block of land, our highly experienced sloping block builders can build an extremely safe and stable exotic home that caters to your desires.

Get in touch with our team today and start the process to owning your luxury dream home.

Our Process

Once you contact us, we’ll schedule an absolutely free, no-obligation on-site consultation to assess your block of land. We’ll also go over your proposed home construction plan and other details in order to provide an appropriate quotation.

Some of the factors we consider in our costing process include:


This has to do with ease of access. Is your land on an obscure area that requires special machinery and manpower to deliver building materials? Is it rocky? Are there numerous underground wires and pipes? If so, this could affect the project timeline. Furthermore, the overall construction costs may be higher.

Land Gradient

Generally, building on a slope costs more than building on flat land. The higher the gradient rating, the higher the costs. A 20% gradient rating is considered steep. Anything above 20% and the costs ramp up significantly. For example, these can be costs for extra materials and labor to level the land, costs to provide additional foundation work, or costs to cater for building swales and culverts to handle rainfall runoff.

Building requirements

What type of lavish home do you want? Are there any particular materials you’d like used in the construction? How big do you want the home to be? Do you want any amenities included such as a spa, swimming pool, or Jacuzzi? Do they need to be built with special materials?

These factors and more go into our cost factoring process and help us establish a suitable quote.

Soil Type

What soil type dominates your land? This will be taken in stride with your proposed luxury home. Clay and loam soils cannot support heavy loads. Sand, gravel and silt, a.k.a granular soils, tend to support heavier structures. Depending on the dominant soil type, an excavation may be performed and granular soils deposited as replacement for use on the foundation.

You will receive a comprehensive report on all the cost factors used to determine your total construction costs. This, of course, will vary depending on your property and the exotic home you want.

Other Reasons to Work with Us

We’re Professional

Ever since our inception we have served our clients with the utmost respect and courtesy. In addition, we are continuously improving our skills by staying up to date with the latest luxury home building technologies to ensure our clients receive the absolute best service.

We’re Committed

With the Nikal team you never have to worry about us abandoning your project halfway through. We only take on projects which we can complete to your satisfaction. We’re with you all the way.

We’re Innovative

Do you need a lavish home e.g. a villa or mansion, but your finances are not sufficient to cater for that particular residence? No problem. We can work with your budget to get you an exotic home that has similar features to the ones you seek. Give us a call and let’s discuss your available options.

We’re Deadline Oriented

If we agree on a certain timeline for finishing the construction, we keep our promise. Should unforeseen circumstances arise that may prevent us from delivering on the agreed timeline e.g. bad weather, we will communicate promptly to manage your expectations.

Other Services

If you already have a luxury home, we can perform renovations to enhance its appearance.

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Thinking of building a luxury home in Clear Island Waters? Reach us on 1300 677 087 and request a free onsite quote. You can also use our contact form to inform us about your home development project. We are ready to answer all your questions.

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